November 10, 2019

Achieved the first paying customer!

Justin Cruz @JustinCruz

It was just a normal Saturday afternoon....

I've been having a pretty high conversion rate with the current landing page for Curate. Around 1/4 of the people that come will sign up, most who do will link their Instagram Business account. I haven't got too much traffic yet but the content marketing and other strategies I've tried and found good success with are bringing the right people in that want to try it.

Before I deep dive into generating the most traffic I can to get more users trying the platform, I've been sprinting at reworking the UI after locking down the features and workflow element of Curate.

It just so happens that the 14 day trials of the users that came via this first round of content marketing and various other strategies is coming to a close. I check my email on my phone randomly and I'm stunned...

You've just received your first payment through Stripe.

$180.00 for a yearly subscription to Curate. 💰

It feels quite rewarding and I'm again motivated to push myself harder. The new changes are going to blow people away and the future is looking bright for Curate.