December 29, 2019

Redesigned all Landing Pages in 5 days

Justin Cruz @JustinCruz

With the app's experience redesigned, Curate went from a simplistic take on hashtags to more data driven approach. The future of the app is changing and so is the target market for Curate. Previously the branding was playful, loud and less refined. It was meant to cater to the "Influencer" market on Instagram. Although at its core, the copy and the message was clear.

It needed to appear more sophisticated, more professional and slightly enterprise. I found so much inspiration in one of my favorite SaaS companies that I follow, Canny. I used their branding as a model for my own and was able to redesign everything in just 5 days.

curate screenshot

It was fun to do it in such a short period of time and see such drastic results. I will be writing about the entire experience as a "how-to" so follow along to check it out!

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