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Posting hashtags on Instagram increases your reach but it takes hours to manage. Use Curate to get your hashtag boost without spending the time.

March 14, 2021 Optimized the hashtag selection process

Selecting the perfect hashtags for every Instagram post is a tedious task.

It can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Curate is focused on maximizing your impact on Instagram via hashtags while saving you time when doing hashtag research.

A brand new way to find the optimal hashtags in record time is now available!

With this update, Curate can get you back an hour or two of your week while growing your Instagram at the same time.

January 29, 2021 Released personalized hashtag suggestions

Hashtags are simple to use but hard to master. It’s difficult to know which hashtags to use, which you should stay away from, and how to find new hashtags in your niche to try.

What used to require a lot of time and knowledge on the Instagram algorithm can be done for us in minutes with the right tools.

Curate is now offering personalized hashtag suggestions based on your own Instagram hashtag usage!

This was the most voted on feature by subscribers and further decreases the parity between the competition.

July 1, 2020 Added a Product Tour and Personalized Onboarding

Using hashtags to their full advantage on Instagram can be complicated. Deciding on how to pick the best hashtags, monitoring several data points per hashtag, avoiding getting shadowbanned, performing hashtag research, creating lists to use in the future, and more.

Fortunately, Curate helps with all of this but users were having trouble getting started and understanding how to use it to its full potential.

Using Intercom's Product Tour, I added a no-code solution to walk first-time users through the app. It highlights some aspects of each page and helps the user understand the basic navigation of your app. They can even access it any time via the Help menu in Curate. I highly recommend this feature from Intercom. End to end was impressed by the blend of simplicity and configuration.

Check out some screenshots of the product tour and the personalized onboarding experience recently added to Curate.

April 27, 2020 Reshaped landing pages to ideal customer profile

It's been a while since I did a refresh on the landing page that I had for Curate.

The screenshots were all outdated, it was targeted towards the wrong customer profile, it wasn't very SEO optimized, it didn't have much content, and so much more were off with it.

It's satisfying because I remember looking at the version before this and having the same feelings. "Wow, what was I thinking back then" type of thoughts. I felt that again and it ensures that I am continuing to level up the product and my understanding of how to speak about Curate.

March 21, 2020 Released the new version of the Chrome Extension

Often times Instagram itself is the best place to go to find inspiration for your own content creation. Even more so when it comes to selecting niche hashtags to use on your posts.

There were some problems though… 😩

  • When I found hashtags that I thought were good to use I would have to copy/paste them into a spreadsheet or planning tool to keep track of.
  • I didn’t know which hashtags were ones I had already used or were brand new to me. There were simply too many to keep track of.
  • If I was trying to find a certain number of hashtags for a post, I didn’t know which hashtags I had already selected to use and how many I had collected.
  • I was unsure how much I was using the same hashtags over and over again and how much I was varying my hashtag selection.

Thankfully those are now problems of the past with the release of the new Curate Chrome Extension. 🥳

Now users can have personalized hashtag statistics overlaid on Instagram as they browse. They can select their hashtags directly on Instagram for each post, track their usage for every hashtag and follow their hashtag strategies faster than ever possible before.

February 18, 2020 Crossed $1K ARR

First revenue milestone since the first paying customer!

With the current number of paid subscribers, Curate has reached an ARR of over $1,000.

What's great is that I only feel like this is the beginning. Hopefully, the $10K ARR milestone comes even quicker.

January 19, 2020 Implemented new onboarding experience

With more and more people starting to use Curate, it was becoming clear that the first time experience was pretty rough. The user was just dropped right into a Dashboard that had all sorts of stats, graphs and a lot of noise.

The new experience eases the user into some of the more complex features and data that Curate provides to its users.

With this new addition, Curate is now officially on Dribble!

Check out the new on-boarding design

December 29, 2019 Redesigned all Landing Pages in 5 days

With the app's experience redesigned, Curate went from a simplistic take on hashtags to more data driven approach. The future of the app is changing and so is the target market for Curate. Previously the branding was playful, loud and less refined. It was meant to cater to the "Influencer" market on Instagram. Although at its core, the copy and the message was clear.

It needed to appear more sophisticated, more professional and slightly enterprise. I found so much inspiration in one of my favorite SaaS companies that I follow, Canny. I used their branding as a model for my own and was able to redesign everything in just 5 days.

curate screenshot

It was fun to do it in such a short period of time and see such drastic results. I will be writing about the entire experience as a "how-to" so follow along to check it out!

December 2, 2019 Redesigned the entire UI in 30 days

During the MVP development of Curate, the foundation of the user experience was creating and frequently iterated on. During this journey there were many pages that were built and thrown away, non-cohesive UX decisions and flows that were introduced which were less than ideal.

After achieving some validation from having paying customers, it was time to invest in that foundation to allow Curate to reach the next level. From the ground up, the entire app experience was updated to make using the app more efficient. It takes inspiration from SEO tools as there is a similar user experience with finding the right hashtags and finding the right keywords. It also has built in help to almost all areas of the app via hovering tooltips to help with on-boarding.

Curate Dashboard Comparison

I wanted to limit myself to only take a month to redo it all so I went exactly 30 days between my first commit and my production deployment. The update really solidifies Curate and creates something that is one of a kind.

Let me know what you think!

November 9, 2019 Achieved the first paying customer!

It was just a normal Saturday afternoon....

I've been having a pretty high conversion rate with the current landing page for Curate. Around 1/4 of the people that come will sign up, most who do will link their Instagram Business account. I haven't got too much traffic yet but the content marketing and other strategies I've tried and found good success with are bringing the right people in that want to try it.

Before I deep dive into generating the most traffic I can to get more users trying the platform, I've been sprinting at reworking the UI after locking down the features and workflow element of Curate.

It just so happens that the 14 day trials of the users that came via this first round of content marketing and various other strategies is coming to a close. I check my email on my phone randomly and I'm stunned...

You've just received your first payment through Stripe.

$180.00 for a yearly subscription to Curate. 💰

It feels quite rewarding and I'm again motivated to push myself harder. The new changes are going to blow people away and the future is looking bright for Curate.

Posting hashtags on Instagram increases your reach but it takes hours to manage. Use Curate to get your hashtag boost without spending the time.