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We believe a content-first social media can enrich and add to people's lives.

September 9, 2019 Officially launched on both iOS and Android

It's taken us almost 10 months since we first launched as an open beta on Android but Curated ( has finally launched officially on both iOS and Android.

This is me and @Rockspin's first serious project. We've made a lot of the expected mistakes along the way - built and built (and built) a lot before finally launching or verifying the idea.

We had a stroke of luck in October 2018 when Google featured us in the Early access section of the Playstore thereby giving us a lot of users to help test and validate our initial ideas.

After our bootstrapping funds ran out in May this year we both started contracting full time and new feature development (and the development of the iOS app) slowed down.

Most of the summer felt like a slog - our motivation had dropped because our Google feature ran out and user numbers started dropping and iOS was taking a long time to build. This is where having a co-founder is important. When one of us felt down, the other one picked him up.

We pushed through and now, finally, we have officially released both apps ๐Ÿš€

We have also decided to finally break the cycle of just building without verifying. We'll know almost exclusively focus whatever time we have towards traction. We want to identify the communities and people who will be best served by our app and try to target them.

We feel elated and motivated.

Can't wait to write our next major milestone update.


We believe a content-first social media can enrich and add to people's lives.