January 12, 2020

Launched new website CustomFit.ai Feedback please

Ashwin Kumar @theashwin007

Hi, I am Ashwin Co-Founder & CEO of CustomFit.ai (https://customfit.ai). We have launched a new website. I request your valuable feedback.

Here is a quick intro:

CustomFit.ai is an Intelligent Precise Personalization platform.

Transform your website as #1 Growth Engine. Hyper personalize it by getting closer to your visitors, understanding their journeys and their behaviors.

Convert your visitors to quality leads by dynamically changing your website pitch depending on your visitor's stage of the visit, past interactions, visitor's organization details and hundreds of other parameters on the fly, thereby making it 'The Best Salesperson' & '24x7' Marketer.

No code changes are needed. Integrate under 2-minutes and see the action

www.customfit.ai | [email protected]

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