September 13, 2019

Initial MVP built

Kameron Tanseli @kamerontanseli

Normally when approaching products I like to use the latest and greatest front end SPA tools and launch an API backend. But this time I decided to be boring.

I used Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Cutestrap (CSS Framework) and Auth0 to quickly build out the initial version of the app within 3 days. This productivity gave me the time to test the idea out with 2 initial users and helped etch out any minor flaws the initial MVP had before I sent it out into the world.

The biggest challenge of the MVP was building the Evernote integration as Evernote has a ridiculously not user friendly API. Which made grabbing the user's notes a 3+ hour endeavor.

The next steps are to find some early adopters and get the ball rolling.

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