January 20, 2020

Dipping my toes in the chatbot pool

Fredrik @fredrik

We already have a lot of awesome content in the form of small but very useful tips and ideas of fun things to do with your kids.

But we were thinking on the best way to filter and search the content and while brainstorming we thought.

Why not use a chatbot interface?

I first played around with chat bots a quite a while ago but didn't do anything useful with it. The chatbot landscape has really changed since then :)

I started playing around with a chatbot interface on Saturday evening and deployed an MVP on Sunday evening - and just now added some analytics to it so we can see how visitors are interacting with the DadBot. Check it out here: https://dad.do/dad-bot

The next step is to run a split test on a subset of our email list to see which one gets the highest engagement. Really looking forward to see if this is something we should double down on.

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