October 15, 2019

Refreshing Daily Design Challenge

David Getchel @DavidGetchel

I've been slacking on this domain, but it has been gathering emails. How? I haven't dug in yet to find out, but somehow there are 125 emails. Who knows if they're legit or what, but I'm going to send out an email to see if anybody is still out there.

I'm changing it up a little. First I thought daily prompts would be nice, but if I have trouble with doing things that aren't essential, like a design prompt, everyday, others will too. So I'm turning it into battles. Pairing people and prompts with an email to everyone at the end of each week with the results.

Members of the community will get a prompt once a week instead of everyday. Still figuring it out, but this is part of my 1-dayprojects so I'm working fast with the refresh.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Created a Product Page on Indie Hackers
    How meta... ;) Decided to start document my progress on Indie Hackers. It will help me focus my current efforts, hold me accountable to myself and the
  • Fifty launched on Product Hunt!
    Hey, Some time ago I made a post asking the [community to describe their projects in fifty characters or less](https://www.indiehackers.com/post/descr
  • Amazing start with 2 Mentees and 25+ subscribers
    Extremely excited to share my first EVER milestone with the community! Let me introduce myself... Hi, I'm Kashyap, an experienced Software Engineer at