January 14, 2020

Sending Challenges!

David Getchel @DavidGetchel

So after neglecting this and then finding out people are finding the site and putting in there email, I started sending battle prompts. Sent it to 4 people on the list with a design prompt and instructions to send it back. The results would be shared the following Sunday.

It was a bust. The next email decided would be a battle royale. Free for all. I gave the prompt to everyone. I haven't dug into open rates and such, but I got two people to send their designs! I put it into the Sunday email, letting people know I was going to keep it open for everyone to design with each prompt until further notice. I'll be sending that out tomorrow and we'll see the results.

This project is going to change. How it works. What the point of DailyDesignChallenge.com is, etc. As I continue to send emails and get a trickle of responses, I'll adjust. I've got a few ideas though...

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