June 1, 2020

Weekly Recap

Chris Bongers @DailyDevTips

This is weekly recap for week 22 (25-May till 31 May)

Current status:
Articles: 76 (+7)
Twitter: 718 (+40) followers /1518 (+45) following
Facebook: 482 (+52) likes /501 (+52) followers / 82599 (+37457) post reach
Instagram: Post 70 (+7) / 206 (+3) followers / 221 (+3) following
Analytics: 256 (-115) users / 298 (-110) sessions (excluding home IP)
Queries: 996 (+557) / Impressions 3856 (+2479) / Clicks 18 (+9) / Average position: 39 (+8)
Mailchimp: 28 (-) contacts
Pinterest: 10 (-16) impressions / 0 (0) Engagements / 0 Clicks

Actually really happy with this week, was quite stressfull at work so I felt a bit overwelmed, but at the end of the week it was a nice resutl and still managed to do an article every day!

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Got featured by Apple in 112 countries
    It's been a while since I shared a milestone on IH but it hast been quite a journey! The last time I posted was for our first 13 paid users and 1500 d
  • Finished first draft and sold $...
    I've finished the first draft of Start With A Side-Project, a serious milestone 🏅 for a first-time author. The next ph
  • 5 Consecutive Issues.
    So last week Friday marked the day where I had sent out 5 consecutive issues of The Slice, and its been great to see such awesome growth over the last
  • First 6 podcasts added to the platform!
    Last week I quietly finished creating the initial version of PodAdverts and reached out to a few podcasters with smaller audiences to see if they woul
  • MVP
    As a freelancer on Upwork, I've always missed an easy way to receive notifications when relevant jobs are posted. After a little research on community
  • Dark Mode
    I started offering a dark mode version of the work flow PDF. Not sure if that will change anything but it is a simple thing that I added. Although som
  • I finally have my new E-Residency kit from Estonia
    After a long time I decided to setup my startup in Estonia for several reasons, which I will explain later. With the e-Residency card now in place and
  • GitHub down again? Why not try a Hosted Gitea box?
    Sooooooooooo it seems like GitHub is down every other day lately. If **only** there was a service that allowed you to run **your own private Gitea ser
  • Published first 6 episodes
    Last week, I published the 6th episode of [Automation Masters](https://www.automation-masters.com/episodes/de-mystifying-machine-learning-for-automati
  • I've started my Substack newsletter
    Opened my substack newsletter and got 30 sign ups so far on the first day which is exciting! Got a lot of great feedback and comments on the topic of