August 10, 2020

Weekly Recap

Chris Bongers @DailyDevTips

This is weekly recap for week 32 (03 August till 09 August)

Current status:
Articles: 145 (+7)
Twitter: 1015 (+48) followers /1631 (+7) following
Facebook: 678 (+8) likes /713 (+11) followers / 218438 (+23161) post reach
Instagram: Post 140 (+7) / 528 (+17) followers / 228 (+1) following
Analytics: 737 (-60) users / 855 (-58) sessions (excluding home IP)
Queries: 2810 (+423) / Impressions 12108 (+2429) / Clicks 109 (+35) / Average position: 22 (+1)
Mailchimp: 94 (+2) contacts
Pinterest: 5530 (-1) impressions / 275 (0) Engagements / 98 (0) Clicks

Wow, over a 100 followers on Twitter, 500+ on Instagram, did my first interview it looks like a propper blog now!

Couldn’t be more happy with the results and ever growing community.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 🚀 A New SEO toolkit is launched on ProductHunt!
    Today is Screpy day! Screpy launched on Product Hunt now. A website analysis tool we’ve been hard working on for months. Will it be interesting? How m
  • $100 MRR!
    With a couple of new customers yesterday, is now at $135 MRR. This is a big milestone for me. By selling a number of lifetime deals, ilo has al
  • Launched Unlimited Credits Model
    Launched a new pricing model for Unlimited credits for just $49/per month Also, upgraded the tools with better accuracy for ✅ Find Emai
  • I was interviewed for a podcast for the first time
    Last week I was invited to be interviewed for Scottish Business Podcast - a relatively new podcast that covers Scotland-based businesses. The host was
  • A Proposals generator is now on ProductHunt!
    Satiurn Proposals launched on Product Hunt now. It's a fast and frictionless tool for create stunning proposals, we hope this could be bring to Satiur
  • Public API
    I'd like to announce that SaaSHub has a simple public API now. There are two endpoints as of now. In general, that should be sufficient for some basic
  • Announcing Datablist
    Today we share our first blog post explaining the story behind Datablist. Why we think data interoperability and automation are the technologies that
  • Added FAQ
    *What's wrong with Twitter?* Twitter's business model is based on advertisement and targeting, by collecting your personal information, behaviour and
  • Reached 70 users in 3 weeks 🎉
    Hi all 👋 Today we reached the first 70 users which created a form with Tally and shared it to collect responses. We launched the beta of Tally 3 week
  • Submitted to ProductHunt
    I'm releasing the product on ProductHunt, after the initial beta release and sharing the product with some fellow indie hackers. Although there are ma