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September 15, 2021 Power and internet outage

Today we had a power and internet outage for the whole day.

I took the opportunity to get outside and recharge.

Next up:

  1. Try and define clear criteria for what makes a good animation
  2. Try and create a good animation


  • Deploy frontend
  • Update Master VS Code course
September 14, 2021 Animation libraries

I've researched the best animation libraries:

  1. Anime.js best for 2d animations
  2. React Spring best for UI interactions
  3. Three.js best for 3d animations

I've learned to use anime.js and creating the exact same animation as before was about 10x faster.

Other libraries I looked at:
Framer Motion
Velocity. js
GreenSock JS
Scroll Reveal
Howler.js (for audio)

September 13, 2021 Integrated animation into frontend


  1. Integrated animation into frontend
  2. Added rocket trail

It's getting better but I still don't like this animation:

  1. Performance sucks (it's not GPU accelerated)
  2. Text loses font-family while scrolling

The animation is subtracting from the UX due to poor performance and text jitteriness.

  1. Fix it?
  2. Remove animation entirely?
  3. Research and learn about performant animation library?


September 12, 2021 Animation

I wanted a high-quality animation above the fold.

Good idea. Not sure about the execution. Feel free to leave your opinion: https://imgur.com/b8Ca5Fq


  1. Integrate animation into frontend
  2. Add rocket trail
  3. Experiment with colorful nebula background
September 11, 2021 Changed business logic

Today I was thinking hard about the way I'm doing things.

I've decided to sell a single huge course instead of multiple smaller ones for the same price. My new goal is to improve my client's developer experience (DX) until they get into flow. If that happens, I've succeeded.

This required some changes to the payment flow, which I implemented today.

I've also decided to create a simple but high-quality UI.

(Revised) next steps:

  1. Improve the UI
  2. Deploy the frontend
  3. Create high-quality content
September 10, 2021 Continued improving UI

Today I continued to improve the UI. I'm not good at it so I will stop trying to make improvements until I learn UI design more thoroughly later.


  1. Animated the rocket
  2. Tried animating the clouds. Too much work or too complex without an animation library. I will learn animation libraries later
  3. Added smooth scrolling
  4. Switch logout from button to link
  5. Styled course presentation page
  6. Styled course content page


  1. Implement design tips from my cousin João
  2. Work on the copy
  3. Update the course videos
  4. Work on the marketing
September 9, 2021 Improved the UI

Today I worked on the UI.

I wish I had past screenshots to compare.

Here's today's work:

Styling Amplify's UI is hard. For the next projects, I'll use Amplify's library but not its UI components.

Next up:

  • Animate the rocket and the clouds 😁
  • Add smooth scrolling to the "show me the courses" button
  • Style course presentation page
  • Style course content page
September 8, 2021 I feel like I don't know what I'm doing

I went for a family visit on the 5th and 6th so I didn't work on these days.

On the 7th and today, I worked a little bit on improving the UI but I feel like I don't know enough to be effective. I will definitely learn design more thoroughly later on, but for now, I just want to get an MVP online.

Here are my next steps:

  1. Refine the UI a little bit more
  2. Rewrite the presentation/sales copy
  3. Update the Master VS Code course
  4. Get the frontend online
  5. Start working on the marketing and start making sales
September 4, 2021 Kept improving the UI

Today I've watched a few more videos on good UI/UX principles and added a few items to my checklist.

It was fun going through every UI element and see if it respected every item on the checklist and then changing the item when it didn't. I think my UI is minimal but fairly functional.

It was also fun learning about automated and semi-automated usability testing services.

I hope to have an MVP by next week.

September 3, 2021 Improving the UI

Yesterday I pretty much took it easy.

Today I took a full course on UX. It was nice to create a checklist of useful UI/UX tips with which to validate my UI.

It took me way too long to source an image from Sanity into Gatsby. It turns out the Master Gatsby course I've bought from Wes Bos was outdated.

I will keep working on improving the UI for a few more days.

The plan:

  • Improve the UI
  • Write the marketing copy for the presentation/sales page of the Master VS Code course
  • Record a few updates for the course
  • Learn to grow an audience on social media
  • Record the other courses (Master HTML, Master CSS, Master JS, Master React, Master Gatsby, Master Serverless, Master BDD, etc)