October 27, 2019

2k waitlist subscribers + redesign


It's been a little over a month since my last update... quite a few things have happened. Going to bulk them into two short updates.

2k waitlist subscribers

About a month ago I had ~150 waitlist subscribers and that number has grown to 2,000. I've put the breaks on marketing for now so I can switch my attention back to the development of the platforms backend & mobile application.

New logo + landing page redesign

The original logo I had for DailySWE wasn't bad, I actually liked it but I thought it could be better. I spent a day coming up with something new and have settled on one (a variant of it is deployed to production, you can see it here: https://www.dailyswe.com).

The landing page has also been redesigned to fit with the theme of the new logo (bold, empowering).

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    Hey, that's great, well done. How did you go from 150-2000 in a month? what worked for you?

    1. 1

      Thanks, @trike - For this first month I went with a highly targeted Facebook Ad. I have yet to expand into other marketing streams (blog, word of mouth, niche communities, HN, etc .)

      Btw, Secalerts looks great!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Traffic Growth
    Adding valuable content given a great result in traffic. People of loving our content and steady growth in the traffic count. Every content is optimiz
  • I just launched Multy on Product Hunt
    Scary isn't it ? I don't know what to expect because it's the first time I do that, and to be honest I don't expect much more than feedback. Which wil
  • Trending on Betalist.com & 100+ waitlist signups!
    3 days ago things.morflax.com was featured in betalist.com and now it is in the trending section. We reached more than 100 waitlist subscribers. 50+ s