January 3, 2020

Launched DarkModeDesign


Yesterday I launched DarkModeDesign.xyz on Twitter and Reddit and got top of r/UXDesign, and r/UI_Design. I also got lots of love on Twitter too! Overall it resulted in over 600 pageviews. Here is one lesson I learned:

  • Do the things that matter most. Take care of the major stuff, a lot of the minor stuff could be taken care of after launch, else those could stop you from launching. Originally, https://darkmodedesign.xyz didn't even have dark mode itself, but I just needed to build momentum by launching. after launch, I took care of that as more people pointed it out.

I almost did not do this, but this tweet https://mobile.twitter.com/brian_lovin/status/1208035292499914753 from @brian_lovin and the amazing replies in it inspired me to make it happen. Thanks a lot

It was originally "http://darkmodelist.xyz", but just before launch, I found out that https://mobile.twitter.com/AndreyAzimov already built http://darkmodelist.com with a different take. I changed the name and got a fresh domain

While I was deploying to @Netlify in the last minutes, I also discovered that https://mobile.twitter.com/robsilverii already had built http://darkmode.netlify.com. Go check it out too.

I'm excited for what comes next!

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