December 26, 2019

Launched the website on Christmas!

Kannan @kannandreams

Like everyone in IH, I was also living a big dream to do a startup but was giving many reasons for not taking that risk. I kept preparing myself in learning, working and exploring different phases of startup execution through mentors, books, and workplaces. I believed that one day, these learnings eventually would help me to build my own product ideas. So,

As the first step, I started off with few goals to accomplish by the end of 2019.

  1. Find a side income track to support my family and kid education, if I need to leave my current job and live my dream.
    Achieved & Achieving: Giving Data Science Training, planned budget and do some savings.

  2. Launch a Consulting startup, primarily focused on data-related projects.

I got this idea when a few startups reached out to me for advice on how to make data-driven decisions, collect the right data and find insights,etc. I learned from them and in general, most of the startups would spend in hiring full-stack developers, sales or marketing persons as their first phase. They may not have the skills to build a data-intensive product to drive business or not able to hire the right data expert who can do end to end work. Having 15 years of experience in the data side, I felt that I could utilize my skills through consulting as the first revenue generation option and use that to build a product. Also, it shouldn't be yet another regular consulting service in the market. After a few research, I created consulting as a service model that overlaps the common pattern of getting freelance but works closely with your own in-house agile team to speed up the roadmap delivery and giving the flexible option of the yearly subscription. It would work very well for bootstrapping and seed-funded startups. ** Still not validated my assumptions ** :) that would be my next steps.

This is the long story which motivates me to start

  • Happy to learn through this journey and live my startup dream
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