December 28, 2019

Visualize WebService JSON data or Offline CSV file

SHREEDHAR P @Shreedhar

Data Visualizer is a Web Solution that helps to visualize data. The source of data/Datasets can be text CSV file or it can be a WebService providing JSON data. When you choose a dataset from CSV file it is buffered in the virtual memory for processing and not stored. Or Consume webservice that publishes JSON data.

<< Maintainability >>
• Light Framework, No additional software required.
• Uses no-cost options & Existing infra, no additional license spend • Configurable & Easy to use Interface

<< Usability >>
• Visualize data using different charts
• Interactive charts lets you Filter data summary table & charts
• Choose a local CSV file to Visually analyze data
• Or Consume webservice that publishes JSON data
• Latest Web browser