7 days, 2 great demos, 2 different user groups

In the past week, I demoed DCDR to two groups, both of whom had been users of the original app. These were very different types of organization, which really helped me differentiate between an off-the-shelf user and an enterprise client.

First, I onboarded one of the previous clients who is, I think, my ideal user for a TEAM account. He's in a highly regulated industry, security, and working a great deal on investigations to support litigation. Meanwhile, he's the only person doing QAQC / governance for an organization that works in over a dozen countries.

(*DCDR has two levels of off-the-shelf paid pla: PRO and TEAM. Both have the same basic features but TEAMS have additional tools to help with collaboration and reporting. PRO and TEAMS have limited customization and are cloud-based.)

Second, I demoed DCDR with the security team for a large service company. They have a huge global footprint but a small team with a significant reporting / governance burden. They are also publically traded which increases the scrutiny of the risk management process. They would require an ENTERPRISE account due to the degree of customization they need and the likelihood that the data will need to remain on their own systems which throws up additional engineering challenges for me.

Despite the very significant differences in size of organization and type of business, both have:

  • A need for standardized tools to help support the overall risk management system
  • A shortage of time / resources
  • A high proportion of staff with a low-level of understanding of the risk assessment process, even those who are responsible for parts of the system
  • The need for a platform that is a Swiss-army-knife of risk management tools

So the basic premise of the tool will work for both. The smaller org is on a trial now and is very happy with what's there now. The larger firm asked for some additional features which were already in the pipeline / easy fixes so I hope to get them on a trial by the end of January.

The big challenge will be the engineering demands of building something that meets a corporate IT team's requirements.

However, both are great examples of the 'perfect' user for each typs of plan (TEAM / ENTERPRISE).


This will help me figure out my marketing approach as I can now scope out these two use cases more thoroughly.


  1. Refine the avatar of the TEAM user and then find all the similar orgs who match this profile. That's going to be my initial list of targets. I estimate that there are 30 or so companies like that within my 1st / 2nd degree network so I just need t make that happen.

  2. Build towards the enterprise in slow time so I don't get distracted but use this bid / tender process as a way to refine what that use-case looks like and scope out if that's where i want to go.

Today's Top Milestones
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