January 18, 2020

Released Open Source Fun Project

Chris @boardy

For the last couple of evenings I've been working on a small Python script that can be set up to run on a regular basis such as via Windows Scheduler or Linux Cron job to trigger your Philips Hue lights to flash when a Datadog monitor on your account triggers an alert.

Each time it runs it checks the counts of monitors that have triggered alerts, if critical alert is found then Philips Hue bulbs will flash red, if the monitor is a warning then the lights will flash Orange and then will flash green when resolved.

It has the option to specify active hours so it only flashes your lights during a set time period so you don't accidently get worken up at 3am with your lights flashing due to an alert being triggered (unless you wan to :).

I built it as I used to have the IFTTT service monitor a particular Gmail inbox where Datadog would send emails when a monitor triggers and IFTTT would detect the email and flash the lights. Google tightened up their APIs which IFTTT couldn't do this anymore and found that I'd quite often miss the alert, either because I wasn't looking at emails or because I hadn't used my mobile for a while so it had gone into Doze mode and wasn't syncing emails so I came up this little Python script so I always knew straight away.

It can be found on GitHub for anyone interested at https://github.com/BoardiesITSolutions/DDHueAlert

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