January 15, 2020

Finally put myself out there

Syed Faraaz Ahmad @faraaz

I've thought about it a lot, and then I decided, let's just do it. I came up with the idea for Debugg a month ago when I was preparing for job interviews in software. Every time, I opened up Leetcode, I asked myself, "Until when do I have to keep doing this?". I really didn't like Leetcoding, I knew I needed to do something about it.

So I came up with Debugg, a platform for practicing problems on systems development (front-end, back-end, DevOps, etc.)

I have finally put myself out there, which I have to admit is kinda nerve-wracking. You put something of yours out in the public, and eagerly wait for people to respond and give their feedback on it, even though I write technical blogs, and have experienced similar situations, this feels something entirely different. I'm eager to know what you all will say about this.

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