September 11, 2019

So how was Product Hunt?


I wanted to share results from my launch on Product Hunt.

I submitted to PH 1AM PST. I thought Decent Budget might be more appealing to european audience, but it seems that PH is more US-centric, and that confirms my visitors data: the largest spike of visits were 7-9am PST time (although Europe was a bit more active than US during the day, but there were more factors in play).

Shortly after launching Decent Budget was featured on PH, which was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, I haven't accumulated enough upvotes early on, so I ended up behind "show more" button. While I was slowly working my way, other products on the front page were gaining upvotes more quickly, so I was left behind.

In any case, here are some raw numbers from the launch:

Upvotes: 27

Page hits: 1076 (incl. bots)

Unique visits: 501 (excl. bots)

Signups: 19

Conversion: 3.8%

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