September 30, 2020

Added FAQ

cri @cridev

What's wrong with Twitter?

Twitter's business model is based on advertisement and targeting, by collecting your personal information, behaviour and preferences.
This information is used to present you the timeline mixed with promoted tweets and advertisement.
That's how Twitter can be "free", but you shouldn't fall for it.

Why is Decent not free like Twitter?

You pay for reading your Decent timeline knowing you're not being tracked, profiled and presented with "tweets you might like".
With Decent you are using a service, not being used by it.
No information at all is collected and you're not being targeted or manipulated.
Decent doesn't show ads or sells your information, that's why we need to ask a small fee.

I would like self-host Decent, can I?

Yes! Decent's idea is to be fully transparent and open-source, thus you can check out the code on GitHub and decide to host it on your own.
You'll have to install, host and manage Decent yourself on your own server or PC.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Hit $15000 on AppSumo!!
    Less than a month after I hit $7,500 in revenue on Appsumo, I've now doubled that figure to $15,000. The previous mark feels like forever ago now, and
  • Acquired!
    I never thought I would get an acquisition offer. That changed a few weeks ago when I received an innocuous contact from someone I knew about in my in
  • 40 signups so far!
    It has been a slow progress since the first real signup can be placed on 17.2. The signup numbers are low due to the low traffic on the website, but I
  • Trending on BetaList
    Our first real bump! We finally got posted to BetaList and are one of their trending startups of the week. Over 200 views in a day and signups are als
  • Sold PanelScout
    Last week I sold PanelScout to a private buyer. I don't believe I had the time necessary to help the site get significant traction, and other ideas at
  • Draft of Deck
    I've spent so much time working on the product / interviewing customers / learning tools like Figma and pull all-nighters to work on prototype / build
  • New Halloween icons
    On this special occasion of Halloween, we have added 5 new halloween icon for the feedback/survey widget. Now turn your website into a halloween speci
  • First "real" user
    We launched Flowoid beta this week. Today I was so excited to see our first "real" user. I'm saying real, because I'm not talking about people who I p
  • Melbourne Indie Hackers Mastermind
    I've seen how powerful Masterminds can be watching my partner be part of one every Sunday with 5 other incredible business owners/aspiring business ow
  • 3200 registered users!
    Consequence is the key with building products. I have decided to give this project a time to grow. Now, I have over 3000 registered users! What helped