October 28, 2019


Stefan Endress @internationalmagic

As a product designer, I always want to build useful things that help other people and simplifies their daily work. Being a sort of hybrid designer and developer (more designer than developer ✌🏻), I’m very much about workflows, mastering tools and making things modular and reusable.

At International Magic, we have built so many platforms, products, portfolio sites and digital experiences for our clients, but never really started something for ourselves that can be scaled up for a broader audience. Something we could build long-term, that helps us as a remote design and engineering studio, but also others who might have a similar approach.

This year we decided to stop talking and finally go for it. An all-in-one kick-ass presentation tool has been at the back of our heads for a long time. Two years ago we had built the first version for ourselves, to present concepts, create mood-boards and pitch to win work. Our clients and friends asked us if we could build a custom business solution of this tool for them. We did, and today they are using it on a daily basis. It’s been a big learning curve and challenge for sure, but the great thing is that we are lucky to receive real product validation and true customer feedback first hand.

Now one year later, we have the best team together to finally bootstrap and kick-off Dekks. We are excited to get going and will share our development path here on this amazing platform for other indie hackers.

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