October 17, 2019

It's all in your brain

John Delavera @ideatank

I have "playing" this Internet Marketing "game" since 1997 starting as a newbie. What I'd like to underline here is that no matter how bad the day seems, a better day is always ahead. Just one idea can make a difference in your business and life. The company I created in Belfast is new and the purpose was to use it for consulting services - DELAVO & Internet Marketing related.

That "idea" that can make the difference in your business and life is always the simplest one from those bombarding your brain - especially if you self-fund your business. But the character of simplicity is added by the results because intentions do not matter - only results count.

Just one of those simple ideas is covering today the basic expenses of my recent company.

For as long you have the head on your shoulders and you're out of the hospital, you can do anything.

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