Started working on Deliberate Python 🐍

I came up with the idea after wondering how I could advance my career in Software Engineering. When I thought of working on my software skills I thought back to my days of playing music. I learned about deliberate practice almost 15 years ago in high school band.

I quickly went from one of the worst students in my high school to a top performer in the entire state of Texas. A big part of that transformation was using deliberate practice on core and fundamental music skills. Scales, arpeggios, etc. Practicing these skills make everything else you do in music easier.

I believe the same for programming.

Most of us obviously learn syntax when we first start programming. We're quickly thrown into learning about web development, API design, build tools, design patterns, best practices, etc.

I believe focusing and mastering core Python skills like list manipulations, list comprehensions, dictionary methods, and more will make everything else for a Python developer easier.

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