Started writing a blog! Made $0.55!

Started a blog for Deliberate Python @ https://deliberatepython.substack.com/welcome

I've posted 2 articles so far and made $0.55 off affiliate commissions 😅

The blog is made with the purpose of helping developers interested in productivity and practice.

Love seeing people click and read my articles.

Growing an audience is interesting and this is the first time I've focused on building an audience more than building the product.

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    It's not much but it's still awesome to have made some money. Now you can just keep growing it! Love the post about "naive" vs "deliberate" practice too, interesting insight.

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      It's interesting to me because I never thought of making any money on affiliates. I don't have a ton of views on my blog (~200) but have already made $0.55. That seems pretty decent.

      The whole practice space is very interesting. I spent many years as a musician and learning about the types of practice has helped me tremendously in my software career already.

      It's pretty easy to learn faster as a developer if you apply some focus and planning to your day!

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        It's interesting that you're into teaching people how to learn better. Seems like you could put out quite a lot of quality content out there. Curious to see how you make the blog evolve over time 👍.

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    Cool. You can monetize your blog on our platform https://audiencehunts.com

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