August 17, 2019

1200 website visitors, and problems we faced with.

Nazar Atamaniuk @Nazar488

Hi IndieHackers!

We reached 1200 unique website visitors today!!
Google started to index our website, and we have reached some twitter followers as well!
You are welcome too :)

What we have learned in this short term:

  • it's very hard to promote a prelaunch campaign for such a product, where is your main audiences is software developers and tech companies;
  • you cant really scale prelaunch campaign, you have to be social active all the time, as your main traffic will be from referrals and social;
  • sign up your twitter account at least 2-3 month before, weird rules of twitter doesn't allow us to use Ads yet, as we have a new account, and it's very sad because we could do some promotion there as well;
  • prepare your content(articles, posts, etc.) even for a prelaunch campaign, we thought that we will prepare it for product release, but now we understand that it's not enough, and we should do it for prelaunch as well;
  • PH Ship is wasting money... All that they provide for you for 59$/month is the possibility to create an upcoming page, 0 traffic from there and poor support that will answer you in 24h, instead you better pay that money on twitter or facebook ads to test your audience.

We are still very motivated, and we created a plan for content marketing and now we do experiments with ads on Facebook and LinkedIn.

What is your experience with PH Ship?
When you started your product, you had a prelaunch campaign? What difficulties did you face with?

Let's share our experience for new IndieHackers, so they will not repeat our mistakes :)

Have a nice weekend to all!

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