October 18, 2019

3,333 unique users on our website


Hi there,

Today I opened our Google Analytics and noticed that we had 3,333 unique users on our website from the very beginning.

Considering our product is not launched yet this number looks good.

Regarding our channels - 35% of users came from direct, 35% from referral, 14% from social channel.

Plan to work hard on content and SEO in the next month.

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    Hey @maxshash Love the website design! It's so dope especially the header, features and integrations section. It is too good that I had to submit it to Lapa Ninja.

  2. 1

    Where is the referral traffic coming from?

    1. 1

      Many different websites, such as IndieHackers, DZone, dev.ro, producthunt, etc.

  3. 1

    Hi @maxshash,

    Congratulations, its really good if you are receiving all these unique hits. More important thing, are and how, are you able to convert these unique visitors to subscribers or get them engage or retained in some form?

    Really curious to know about that. :)

    1. 1

      Hello Naman,

      We received 100+ prelaunch subscribers. But it's hard to measure true users now, before the product is launched.
      We will know only after we launch it.
      I will make another milestone here as soon as we are there.

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