October 4, 2019

Finished SEO competitor research


Hey folks,

The next thing in our marketing is SEO.
Few days ago we found SEO freelancer to take care of our SEO.
Today we just finished a discussion and our SEO battlefield is the following:

  1. We are competing with 3-5 famous companies that are well-known on the market. They have high DR and UR and get mostly branded traffic.
  2. They don't have many SEO optimized articles, they mostly get traffic to their guides and how-to pages.
  3. They have many backlinks, but many of them are from low DR websites. As an example: small developers' blogs and similar.
  4. Most of our keywords are low-volume ones. According to ahrefs, many keywords have volume 100-300 and KD 5-20.
  5. As we see almost all of our competitors are well-known on the market to receive brand traffic and maybe acquire customers from outbound channels.

How would you build our SEO strategy if you are in our shoes?

P.S. Our competitors are Octopus Deploy, Buddy.works, etc.

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