August 22, 2019

Got 60 subscribers on ProductHunt Upcoming


Hey everybody,

Today we have 60 subscribers on Product Hunt Upcoming. Our target was 100. We are on our way to the top.

Each goal requires a number of small steps to be done. Such small steps shows us that we are on our way.

Our Dev team is working on the project and we hope to show you the working product in September.

Keep on working!

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    Congrats @maxshash! I love how you set small realistic goals to help you accomplish a much greater mission. Keep up the great work.

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    Each goal requires a number of small steps to be done
    Yes, I agree with you!
    Let's keep on working!

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    Congrats, good job.@maxshash,@Nazar488

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    Well done! Would any of the 60 subs likely to convert?

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      We tried to acquire target audience only. Better get less but more relevant folks there.

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      @daveyon Probably, around 60% of subscribers are our main audience.

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    Great work! Step-by-step you'll get there 🦄🦄

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    congratulations! Any protip so I can use it for mine?
    My upcoming page is:

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      Hi, I subscribed for your product.
      We work on several channels and still trying to understand how acquisition should work on prelaunch stage. Don't have a complete vision yet. Can't give you a 100% tip.

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        Thanks, you can try betalist and Hacker news :)

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          Hi Mihir,
          Do you have any success on HackerNews? Can you please share?

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            Yet to post there as I am just at the design phase. Maybe some article like can help you?