October 11, 2019

Our first article was published on GitConnected


Hey guys and girls,

Yesterday our first article was published on GitConnected.
Feel free to enjoy it here

According to Medium stats for less than 24 hours we received 473 total views with 45% read ratio.
Considering 7 minutes time to read I think 45% is a good result.
I posted 5 articles on medium by now and this is the second highest read ratio.

I have one more articles submitted earlier than this one to a different Medium community, but it got lost somewhere. I should ping the editor to find out what's wrong.

The curious point is that we didn't get much traffic or leads from this article. Next time I will submit it from DeployPlace's official account. We'll see how it will work then.

Have you ever posted to Medium communities? Please share your results in comments.

Wish you a productive day,

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