August 20, 2019

Scaling is Hard, Especially During Prelaunch


Hi Community,

As you may already know we have started our prelaunch campaign recently and now we work on scaling it.

The first obstacle that we encountered is that our target audience wants to try the product and we don't have it during our pre-launch. For this reason many channels are not accessible for us at this moment.
For example, we see huge potential in influencer marketing. There are many relevant bloggers that review new services and share hints on how to create software effectively, but we can't reach out to them before we have something to show.

The second obstacle is that many channels dedicated to prelaunch are single use only. Let's take Betalist, ProductHunt, etc. You can launch there only once.

There are many other obstacles that we see on our way.

Here is our thought on how to beat it:

  1. Content Marketing. We are looking for guys who can help us writing technical articles. We also gather the list of target platforms, communities and influencers. Our blog is also coming soon.

  2. Testing Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. Those are the reusable channels that can become our main traffic sources.

  3. Other ideas we discuss.

BTW, If you know anyone who can helps us writing technical articles, please let me know. We are ready to pay for good content.

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