August 6, 2020

Top of /r/entrepreneur for a day

Vita Benes @vitabenes

Yesterday, a couple hours after my co-founder Mat posted on /r/entrepreneur, the post took off after 3 hours of not getting any traction (don't know why later).

Mat was super careful with not linking too much to be considered spam and noticed that the post became popular only after he woke up the next day, so we were slow to turn it into traffic.

Even so, 45 visits to our site directly from reddit (+ some probably through google) + a handful of new emails is a nice boost.

Further experimentation needed.

  1. 2

    I'm afraid of reddit
    However, the more stories about reddit experience I read, the braver I get :)

    1. 1

      You can always try stuff. The worst case scenario - it will be ignored, the best case? It will blow up and help you. Try stuff!

      1. 2

        you are totally right
        I sometimes forget about this principle, so thank you for another reminder :)

  2. 1

    Good job. Where else are you thinking of experimenting?

    1. 1

      More posts, more subreddits, text/visuals,... there are many possibilities on each social media platform.

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