September 28, 2019

Launched Design 2 Ionic

Gunjan Karun @quadralyst

Took the plunge and launched the service to convert designs in Adobe XD, PSD, PNG, JPG, Drawings on napkins etc into mobile app at a pre-approved fixed price based on number of screens, everything protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

Had to use my 20+ years of experience of development to come up with a reasonably accurate estimate for each screen.

Somethings that I learnt with the launch:
Although the "product" right now is just a single page website at but launching this single page website involves a lot of additional things that I had not anticipated when I came up with the idea.
Some of the things that I had to do before launch was:

  1. Make website responsive
  2. Decided to launch a static site hosted on Google firebase to improve page load speed and save on hosting charges (as compared to a hosting the landing page on wordpress)
  3. Integrate Google Analytics
  4. Integrate chat widget to help visitors on site
  5. Implement form handlers and follow up mailers for people who submit designs or request NDA
  6. On page SEO to make sure that the title, description etc are not totally off
  7. Test the site on multiple browsers and multiple OS just to make sure that everything looks and works ok.
    and so on... (phew, am happy that it is out in the world now)
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