November 3, 2019

Came up with the idea

Carsten Pleiser @CKPleiser

Not so much a new idea. There are already plenty of companies out there offering the same unlimited graphic design services. Many of them being here on IH.

It's funny though:
In the online world, having 10-20 competitors is always considered a lot. In the real world, no one ever questions how many real estate brokers or coffee shops are in one location alone.

Here's what made me build Design Buffs in the first place:

My wife and little one were away that last weekend in October and I was challenging myself to launch something within 7 days after reading the 7-Day Startup.

What could it be? What could it be?

Nothing ground breaking, but it had to fulfil the following constraints:

  1. It's something that I can launch myself within 7 days
  2. It had to be something that I would use myself
  3. It had to be an idea I could explain my mother & mother-in-law in one sentence
  4. It had to be something that could be fully automated by using processes
  5. It had to be something I was passionate myself and was already doing for clients
  6. It had to be something I could validate within 7 days and get the first paying customer
  7. It helps me develop my skills & meet new people

Design Buffs might fail or never even kick off, but as long as it's building up my skills and helps me make new interesting connections it was worthwhile doing.

Thanks for reading my first ever milestone here on IH.

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