August 14, 2019

Launched on Product Hunt [Failure!]

Chew Wei Chun @JustaRandomGoofball

Didn't get much response on Product Hunt. Reckon that this was due poor timing. My post got pushed to 'Yesterday' a couple hours after posting. Still have much worked to do!

This was what I have posted under the comments:

DesignMoh was built out of the need for design✍. We recognize that unlimited design services are here to stay. But we also recognize the limitations of it.

❔ What are we
DesignMoh is a members-only design platform where for a monthly subscription, you can purchase design tasks based on your needs.

🎨 How it works

  1. Subscribe to our monthly subscription for $99 a month.
  2. Purchase any design tasks you need, whether its a logo, business card, infographics or a poster
  3. Wait for our designers to create the masterpiece
  4. Get your designs!

🔑Why choose us

  • No more searching for the next Pablo Picasso to design for you. We have done the search for you.
  • No more 'task in queue'. Purchase any task and have it done simultaneously.
  • Pay as you grow. Purchase a task only when you need one.

⏭️ What's next for us

  • BLOG!
  • Setting up more design tasks!
  • Designer's profile to showcase our team of Pablo Picasso

🤣Last but not least
We are still in soft launch. So bear with us!

Have any questions? Let me know!
If not, have a great day ahead!🍺