Dev Concepts - Week 9 progress

Hey there!

To make up for the fact that I published that last update too late, I'm sending this one a bit earlier ;-)

This week, I'll be ~85-90% done with the first part of the book. I still have a few important topics to cover, but I've already covered many aspects of what it means to be a software crafter.

This week I wrote about code quality, security, being reliable, understanding motivation, planning ahead, managing time efficiently, and how to focus.

In about a week, that first part should be completed. Right on time according to my plans.

The book is already 70 pages long, and I'm just getting started. This is going to be huge! ;-)

No new pre-orders this week, but I'll announce the end date for pre-orders soon. I hope that it'll make people understand that the current price definitely won't be the final one.

That's it for today!

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