October 9, 2019

First 2 integrated customers

Ravi Chodavarapu @rchodava

After launching the MVP, I went back to some early users who had agreed to try out the application once it was ready. After a couple of weeks of use, it became clear that outside of some basic experimentation, and recording one or two actual bugs within their products, these users quickly forgot about DevelopmentKitchen.

In one-on-one conversations, they praised the product, and suggested additional features that may make it more useful. Of course, adding these features did not result in any more use, and generally, the retention fell to 0.

Based on these conversations, I decided to focus on the use case around collecting bugs. I took a suggestion of being able to collect feedback directly within a product, and expanded on that feature to create a solution for the use case of collecting bugs. I ended up allowing users to collect bugs directly within their own product.

I built the set of features that would enable users to integrate a bug submission form (that allows bugs to be submitted together with screenshots and screen recordings) into their own product. The ideal use case was for product owners and QAs to submit bug reports while testing within testing environments.

I launched this on October 2, and went back to those early users. A few of them agreed to integrate the bug submission button and form into their product. I personally finished integrating 2 of those customers, fixing some issues along the way.

The integration has been tested, and it is now ready for more users to try it out with their products.

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