October 9, 2019

Launched MVP

Ravi Chodavarapu @rchodava

Around February of this year, after a lot of soul searching, I decided to continue working on a startup. After nearly 3 years of working on a startup that ended in no revenue, no users, and my 2 co-founders leaving to make some money again, I was left with a really tough choice. I decided to stick with it.

After a couple of months searching for what to work on next, I decided to start building a collaboration tool for software teams around April 2019. I was soon making the same crucial mistakes again - chasing many shiny and promising features and paths, and forever building an initial release. Luckily, in late July, I joined YC's Startup School, and heard the talk I really need to hear from Michael Seibel - How to Plan an MVP (see attached). Moreover, I decided to be held accountable to the commitments they ask in their weekly updates - one of which is putting down your "weeks to launch".

I committed to 4 weeks, and though I was a week late in that commitment, I was finally able to launch an MVP. In order to actually launch, I had to cut out most everything, and just focus on one specific feature: that of recording videos, all within the browser. The specific use case was for software teams to record bugs and new features under development.

So that was the MVP - a web app that lets you record a short clip, trim and crop it, and save it to the service, so you can access it again. Software teams could record bugs, and features in development, and whatever else they needed to record without installing any extensions or external applications.