December 10, 2019

$750 in sales in a few hours (BF experiment)

Bruno Lemos @brunolemos

I started charging $10/mo in October (it was free before), but the growth has been way too slow (or I’m too impatient). The MRR is at only $155/mo.

So at Black Friday I decided to make an experiment: an insane limited-time offer. Instead of $10/mo, I charged a $25 one-time fee for a lifetime license and tweeted about it.

Around 30 people bought it in the first few hours. It was an interesting experiment. I wonder if for some types of product we should stop pursuing the magic recurring model and sell it as one time instead.

Anyway, when seeing the sales incoming, I had two opposing feelings: 1. Getting these sales is so awesome; 2. Am I making a mistake because these people could pay monthly?

So I interrupted the sale after 12h and went back to monthly price. In retrospect, this interruption was a mistake because I lost all the black friday traffic and potential revenue. I could have just tweaked the deal instead.

I will keep making experiments with one-time plans. But the main model will continue to be a subscription for now.

The total revenue for November was $978.

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