July 6, 2020

Turning visits to users


I'm getting quite a lot of traffic at getdevinsight.com but so far getting them to sign up has been quite a challenge.

Following lots of feedback and research, I think there are a couple of issues that are stopping people from signing up. The first is the expectation of a credit card during the registration process. This has been removed and I'm excited to see what kind of difference it'll make.

The second is not being clear enough on the landing page about the benefits DevInsight can deliver. Perhaps it is too wordy and technical. I'm currently developing a new version of the landing page with more images/video and less text. The video will highlight in a few steps exactly what DevInsight delivers.

The plan is to quickly show the steps from adding your code repositories to DevInsight delivering improvement suggestions.

Another way to help turn visitors to users is add more trust signals. Why should the visitor believe that you can achieve the claimed results? Will my data be safe? and so on. These changes will be added this week as well.