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DevLifts exists to help developers live healthier lives and feel great. Here's the full story.

Launched the DevLifts blog

This will serve as a way for us to begin writing more in-depth articles about fitness for developers and keep followers updated about the open source projects we have going on.

Reached $1k/mo in recurring revenue

We rolled out our new membership model on July 9 and just passed $1k/mo in recurring revenue.

Some status for August:

-Grew to 129 customers. 33 returning, 87 new. -Advertising budget was $800 (sponsored podcast) -$1,139.90 total revenue -$10.09 Avg. Customer Value (we offered a 50% off coupon in the ad, so it's half off of our normal $19/mo)

Website: -1,697 Users -5,294 Pageviews -51.23% Bounce Rate

Launched new membership model

We launched our membership model with two different products:

  • fit.Start - affordable plan with everything you need to start your fitness journey, workouts delivered every month

  • DevLifts Premium - highly customized training and nutrition with maximum accountability

Read all about it here.

Launched with MVP

We launched our initial offering, a one-time purchase personalized fitness plan, where you take a questionnaire and we create a customized plan tailored to your situation.

We sponsored a popular developer podcast and saw a 15X ROI on the sponsorship, which let us know there was a market for this.

"We should do this for other developers!"

I (J.C.) was at the gym with my best friend (and personal trainer), Thad. I told him I knew there were other devs out there who, like me in 2015, were feeling awful and struggling to stay fit and healthy. I asked him if he'd want to do this with me.

The problem was I couldn't think of a name. I really wanted some sort of pun (I love puns). "What's a word that relates to developers and lifting?"



I bought the domain while in the squat rack.

DevLifts exists to help developers live healthier lives and feel great. Here's the full story.