October 22, 2019

Launched: Devmates.co v2


Hello Indie Hackers,

Today I launched the beta version of Devmates.co (you can check it here: https://devmates.co/home). I’ve started as a newsletter website and start building a community around it. It was fun but people started asking about features, like:
“It would be nice if we can share/save our solutions somewhere”.
So I decide to start building a simple web app where I can post coding problems and allow people to share their solutions and discuss them.

I shared the link to all my subscribers to test everything and right now I want to share it with more people. You can find the few bugs here and there but feel free to report about it and I'll try to fix it asap.

I would love to say special thanks to @harrydry and marketingexamples.com for the marketing ideas, inspiration and @anthilemoon for community that you've created and invited me.

Would love to hear your feedback.
Link: https://devmates.co/home

  1. 1

    Nice work Alex! I've enjoyed watching this grow.

    And no need to thank me haha! It's all your determination / cold outreach. Site looking good. I like the mentor feature.

    1. 2

      I would also recommend to read your "Kanye Story" (https://thekanyestory.com/) for everyone who think that something can be impossible.
      I "met" you when i read this story:) So if you don't want me to say thank you for "marketing examples" I will thank you for "Kanye Story" :DD

      1. 1

        Very flattering. Thank you Alex

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