October 15, 2019

Reached 1,500+ Active Users!


Happy Tuesday Indie Hackers👋,
The devmates.co reached 1,500+ users.

Below I’ve shared some thoughts which helped me do it.


Last few weeks I decide to stop doing what I’m usually do for getting users - contact them directly. I decide to try sharing link on different platforms like reddit or dev.to.

I decide to do it because contacting users directly don’t scale and It will be hard to scale it somehow.

What I’ve done:
I shared the link directly to devmates.co , share link to problems/solutions to show what users can expect, share just problem and trying to start discussion. Everything sounded like a plan in my head. But it won’t work.

First of all I faced that reddit is not very friendly platform for promotion anything.
I got more traffic but it was not a good quality. My conversion rate decrease by 3 times and I got few haters:D


Dev.to is friendly platform but a lot of people are posting there every day so your article can be lost somewhere in the thread very fast.

I decide to stop doing it and return to my previous way of getting users - contact them directly. I would recommend to do it for everyone who just start creating something.


You can control who can be your users.
You can get honest feedback in friendly way.
You can start building a great relationships with different people.

I thought that’s better to have 1000 users and growth slow than have 100,000 visitors and 0% conversion rate.

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