October 15, 2019

Reached 1,500+ Active Users!


Happy Tuesday Indie Hackers👋,
The devmates.co reached 1,500+ users.

Below I’ve shared some thoughts which helped me do it.


Last few weeks I decide to stop doing what I’m usually do for getting users - contact them directly. I decide to try sharing link on different platforms like reddit or dev.to.

I decide to do it because contacting users directly don’t scale and It will be hard to scale it somehow.

What I’ve done:
I shared the link directly to devmates.co , share link to problems/solutions to show what users can expect, share just problem and trying to start discussion. Everything sounded like a plan in my head. But it won’t work.

First of all I faced that reddit is not very friendly platform for promotion anything.
I got more traffic but it was not a good quality. My conversion rate decrease by 3 times and I got few haters:D


Dev.to is friendly platform but a lot of people are posting there every day so your article can be lost somewhere in the thread very fast.

I decide to stop doing it and return to my previous way of getting users - contact them directly. I would recommend to do it for everyone who just start creating something.


You can control who can be your users.
You can get honest feedback in friendly way.
You can start building a great relationships with different people.

I thought that’s better to have 1000 users and growth slow than have 100,000 visitors and 0% conversion rate.

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    Thanks Alex for your tips! And good luck!

    1. 2

      You are welcome! If you will need any tips or some details - let me know. I'll share everything that I know:)

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    Now companies send 3/4 days "coding challenges" because of people promoting free labour like you, speculative work is bad and unethical, should not be accepted in any industry

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      Srsly? Do not confuse homework from companies with hourly coding interviews - which any company are doing. We are sending coding problems to learn algorithms and data structures and be more confident on the real interview.

      Usually on coding phone / on-site interviews you will be asked 1-2 problems in 1 hour + some behavior questions. Also all the time you have a choice - say no and choose another company which will not ask you anything.

      By the way, I would love to know your opinion about how top tech companies can filter their candidates? By what? Photo or resume? Just note that they gets thousands of resumes on each position.

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        Most of tests I've been receiving requires at least 3/6 hours for someone with reasonable experience but some companies been asking me to build production apps as part of the interview, spending few days learning a new technology/tool/whatever is ridiculous, but also shipping the whole code does not guarantee an offer because you know we have to do the cultural fit.

        I am happy for your success just sayin not every company is SpaceX, Amazon or Google, usually the best candidates don't want to work for a shitty startup with 12 employees so there's a thing called working-interview, it's not very popular in the tech industry, sending automated message to 200 applicants is more fun

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    Love your hustle and the site design is so cool. Keep going, it keeps us going,. Reddit is full of pretention for some reason and very negative. Wish someone​ would tell them to calm down and help build things lol

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      Hi Steve. Thanks for feedback, really appreciate it. 🙌

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    That's that magic number for subscriber based sites!! Congrats!

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    Nice work Alex!

    Would you be interested in getting mentioned on careermove.io newsletters? The audience are mostly freelance developers who might need your service.

    In return, you can also tell your users about CareerMove's freelance platform.

    What do you think?

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      Hi! Thank you. First of all it would be nice to know some real numbers;)