November 21, 2019

Started the business

Darryl van der Merwe @Darrylvdm

Registered it as a company which was a long process in itself but it was finally registered as legit company.

I got the site setup and managed to improve the SEO and page speed better than a local competitor to ensure DevSpectrum doesn't lose out on any potential clients through waiting for pages to load and ensuring the site acquire more traffic from variety of areas on the cloud.

I've learnt that not taking any action is an action in itself so I let go of my pessimistic mindset to actually start the business and to see how far I can take it as a challenge for myself.

I've learnt a lot about SEO, marketing, graphic design and researching a lot of topics related to software to ensure that I am on top of the game and updated with all new and old softwares.