February 28, 2020

60 beta signups in a single day

Stefan Olaru @stefanolaru

DiffHub is in private beta, on average I onboard about 10 new users a week, which is ok for now allowing me to talk to each one individually, get feedback and at the same time iterate on the product.

Yesterday it was a bit different, beta requests started to pile up in my inbox, but had no clue why as I didn't do any marketing push.

Checked analytics and noticed lots of users come from https://stackshare.io ... but, who submitted it?

I keep a daily log in a markdown file, I write about the building process, what I work on, how I feel about it and other relevant or irrelevant notes. Checked that, it was in the notes! 🤦🏻‍♂️

Seems I submitted it a week or so ago, like in most app directories, just to get listed, no planning, no expectations.

2 things I've learned:

  • audience can be found where you least expect
  • a product log is valuable, but also fun to read your thoughts & assumptions from previous weeks
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