January 18, 2020

decided what our MVP is going to be

Vladimir Sofronov @VladSofronov

One day I was sitting with my friend of many years, who is currently works as an art director in studio BLUR, which is responsible for LOVE, DEATH AND ROBOTS and the last terminator and he shared with me that there is a shortage of high-quality 3d scanned assets. That there are few companies that do that, but they are not close to being enough, and that's the visual world is huge. That he can recognize 3d scans of rocks that travel from film to film, and everybody is sick of them. And that's how we decided to build our own library of 3d scanned assets. We started to start small, with our own funds and talent and just build small library of 20-30 objects from the city which surrounds us, to prove that we can do it. And that will be our MVP

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