April 1, 2020

Blueprint of architecture

Maciej Nabozny @mnabozny

With all goals in mind I started looking for solutions how to manage things like virtual machines, software defined networks and storage space without any weak or single points. With recent job related to X509, sheepdog and couple other projects in my mind, I created some blueprints what exactly will be needed. First and most important requirement was to start creating separate library able to handle decentralized management of any cloud-related object.

Now main goal was to create tool able to keep copy of whole information on each single node, share it with others. Important thing was to implement within it decentralized authorization and authentication. I started looking for tools for that.

Today's Top Milestones
  • More than 100 charts created in Chartbrew 💯
    So excited to have reached this milestone! You can see the live stats here. Chartbrew is still in Beta and I'm grateful to have people using it at thi
  • Made my first ever internet money!
    I've been on the indie hacker grind all this year. I've made three other products - Portabella (https://portabella.io) - How to X with Y (https://howt
  • Finished MVP - quicktalks.io
    I've been working on and off for two weeks and I think the MVP is ready. I even bougth a domain and the web is already live on quicktalks.io. Next ste
  • Unexpected turn
    So this took an unexpected turn. After bringing MVP up to 80% of a working prototype, my reading endeavors forced me on a halt. I stumbled upon Steve
  • 1,800+ users and Loom tutorials
    We have reached 1,800 registered users on Contentyze. We're still growing fast and with new features and materials, we hope to maintain this speed of
  • Customer Received 45% Increase In Organic Traffic
    Our SEO content writing agency has been focused on getting results for our customers from the very beginning. SEO is a long game but it's perfectly po
  • Development temporarily slowed down
    I have decided to learn Angular so I have another tool at my disposal, however I also hope it can assist me in the development of Toko. During the nex
  • 50 Beta members and beta launch this week!
    It's been a long road (kind of, I have taken much longer to get to beta before), but it is time to start letting the very first early adopters into In
  • A tough internal debate with myself
    I had been thinking about writing out my 18-month startup story for weeks now, I wasn't sure whether I should do it. It was mainly because I wasn't su
  • 50 active installation in the Shopify app store.
    MultiVariants - Bulk Order for Shopify got 50th active installation in the Shopify app store. It took us a month to reach this. We didn't start any no