December 4, 2019

Just Got Our First Paid Subscriber!


After the successful Product Hunt launch almost a month ago I analyzed the database for clues about what people were doing. I was wondering why no one signed up despite the excitement. Ultimately, I think people were doing the exact thing the system was designed to do, which is let them kick the tires before committing.

This tire kicking was pretty entertaining. I learned a few things, changed some copy, tweaked UI elements to encourage certain behavior while these users were trying to stuff out. All in all, I wanted the give people an atmosphere that indicated our product would let them experiment just a little bit before asking for a commitment. More over, I wanted to highlight that the commitment is set on their own terms (eg. you can buy 1-off tests or subscribe). This I think will be part of Direktor's brand identity. "On your own terms" is an ethos I find personally important.

Another thing I did was put out some Google Ads. I think the first paying customer did come from Google Ads. However, there were likely better ways to get this first customer. The price of user acquisition using this channel was quite high, and I probably won't use it again until I think I can turn it into a repeatable/profitable process. I had a suspicion this would be the case, but I did it anyways. Ehhhh, it was a good experiment none-the-less, and it illustrated an important point - you can do things much more scrappily and get better traction.

Next steps for me: Come up with a marketing strategy. I'm currently reading Get Scrappy by Nick Westergaard. I'll report back next time something interesting happens :).

What is your marketing strategy? Who are your biggest influencers in the marketing space?

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