January 2, 2020

Front page of Hacker News

Adriaan Mulder @adriaanw

Yesterday I decided to post on hacker news. The title of the post was "Show HN: An infinitely nested task manager where progress bubbles up to the top" . I didn't share the link with friends or tell anyone I knew that I was posting there and went to watch the new Star Wars. When I checked back after the movie, it was on the front page (15th). The highest I noticed it got was 11th. By the next morning it went down to 34th with 103 points and 67 comments. I'm very happy with the feedback I got, some about the app and others about the tech. It also went from 12 to 400+ users by the next morning, however I will take this number with a grain of salt because signing up is free, and you needed to signup to try the app. Will be interesting to see if this leads to any recurring users.

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