October 22, 2019

5 New Beta sign ups last week (11 Total now)

Keith Hirst @Keithin8a

This is going to be a bit of a weird tale because I was actually trying to get the opposite result by running a social media experiment.

It all started at the beginning of the month when I was really burnt out at work and didn't have time for social media or working on DiscoverPlanGo. I logged on to my analytics to see how it was performing and I noticed that my site literally had no one visit in the previous 7 days. I don't really talk much about DiscoverPlanGo yet and usually only get 15-20 visits a day anyway so I wasn't too bothered because I wasn't putting in the effort. But what was interesting is that the lack of visitors started the day after my last tweet.

I then set out on a deliberate mission not to use social media for a month and see if that trend continued. Now this is where it gets weird, I don't know if it was a bug with Netlifys analytics; or they just felt sorry for me, but when I logged on a few days later and it shown I'd actually had the usual trend of hits despite saying 0 a few days before. I decided to carry on the experiment anyway since a social media cleanse is always good.

2 weeks in I get an email from at 2am in the morning, I usually sleep through a lot of stuff, but for some reason the notification woke me up and I was surprised when I saw it was from Zapier and someone had actually signed up to my site! I go back to sleep and when I woke up as normal I checked my phone to make sure I wasn't dreaming and I had another email from Zapier just dated just 2 hours later from someone else who had signed up and then another came through at 2pm. 3 Sign ups in 1 day and somehow the content out there already was enough for them to find me!

1 week later the same thing happened, 2 more people signed up for my beta around similar times to each other.

The analytics on Netlify don't allow you to dig down into specific days, but the most popular sources this month have came from indiehackers, bing(!?) and direct to discoverplango.com with direct being most popular source. This combined with how close the timings were suggest that people might have actually shared the site which seems like a good trend! So even though i only have 11 subscribers total I'm really pumped and I can't wait to share my app with everyone!

What's an unexpected win that you have had?

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    And to any of you in this community who signed up, thank you!